If you were captaining a ship, you wouldn’t leave port without knowing your destination; neither should you attempt the expedition into the CPG industry without understanding how to best go about reaching you goal. In navigation, ‘waypoints’ are intermediate navigational coordinates along your journey that reveal where you are relative to where you want to go.

Named for the purpose of getting you from point A to point B, Waypoint Marketing Group comes alongside you, charts your course to the shelf, and monitors market currents, so you don’t find yourself adrift.

Strategic solutions for your sales challenges and product launches through:

Marketing Services

You’re a visionary. You’ve developed an exceptional product, and you’re passionate about sharing it with the world. Waypoint encourages your creative genius to flourish by allowing you to focus on marketing your brand and developing new products while we take the helm on all sales-related activity, from broker management to promotional strategies.

We provide Turn Key Sales Management to allow you to focus on product development and marketing your brand by:
  • Creating brand strategy and realistic sales objectives
  • Executing the Strategy and Objectives
  • Continuous evaluation of strategic effectiveness with emphasis on use of available data
  • Provide references and support for non-sales issues

About Home

The Waypoint Marketing Crew has over 75 years of combined experience helping brands grow. Our collective experiences in brokerage, retail and distribution, as well as our collective education in areas such as business, marketing, and psychology, gives Waypoint a unique perspective on the process of launching and growing CPG products.


Our passion is for good-for-you products that are typically found in Natural Chains, Independents, Co-ops, and Supermarkets across the US and Canada. We understand the entire distribution process from the Atlantic to the Pacific. We know how to appeal to retailer buyers, the requirements for getting on the shelf, and their preferred marketing programs.


We save our clients time and money by navigating directly to the next Waypoint!  


Waypoint customizes strategies for brands based on where they are presently in distribution, with the objective of growing at a pace the brand can manage. We leverage our industry experience and relationships to expedite this process as much as possible.

Marketing Industry News

The only thing that is constant is change  –Heraclitus

The tides ebb and flow in this industry as often as they do in the ocean. From time to time, the changes really make a splash! Stay in the loop on current news and trends.

Innovation comes with risk, but it also provides the opportunity for maximum growth. Nielson cites their own 2016 study in reaching the conclusion that when creating new products, 70% of companies prioritize risk mitigation over innovation that disrupts the category.

According to UNFI, they will be building upon the best elements from both companies to become a premier distributor. Ideally, this will give suppliers greater reach with fewer hoops to jump through.